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A trip to Jamaica in 2016 made me realise how much I want people across the world to have a snippet of the beautiful and laid back Caribbean landscape & culture in their homes, combined with my love of cross stitch, I have created unique needlecraft kit sets for everyone to enjoy.


A Stitch of Paradise finished design can be applied to a wide variety of products in your home from cushions, wall art to key rings.

Stitch of Paradise motto is: CROSS over the sea, and STITCH through my eyes to PARADISE ™

My lovely logo was designed

by Ros O'Donnell

Founder and creative designer of Stitch of Paradise. Her name is Marissa Campbell
Marissa Campbell

Founder & Creative Designer

A Stitch of Paradise finished stitched product of hanging on a brick wall

Through cross stitch I want to capture the Caribbean people, the Caribbean culture, the sights, the nature, and the everyday relaxed / no problem happenings, that make the Caribbean islands beautiful and uniquely a vibrant destination.


Each island has its own unique appeal.

The land I love:-

Jamaica is blessed with over 4,000 square miles of beauty. The Jamaicans see it everyday, in their blue mountains and verdant valleys, from the bustling capital to the agricultural farmlands, in the azure sea and cascading waterfalls with spectacular sunsets, beauty surrounds them.

- No problem

- Liven up your life

- One love

- Welcome to Jamrock

If you have any questions please email Stitch of Paradise:

Islington, LONDON, United Kingdom

Thanks! Message sent.

Decorative pop art of a Stitch of Paradise design
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