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First things first, the AIDA fabric!

To help you manage and understand your purchase from Stitch of Paradise, first things first what is Aida fabric?

Aida cloth (sometimes called Java canvas) is an open, even-weave fabric traditionally used for cross-stitch embroidery. This cotton fabric has a natural mesh that facilitates cross-stitching and enough natural stiffness that the crafter does not need to use an embroidery hoop.

Best of the Best

Aida fabric is one of the most widely used cross stitch fabrics. Made from 100% cotton, Aida is a particularly good choice for beginners because the wide, open weave makes the holes easy to see.

Other fabrics used to bring out the design

With one of my personal cross stitch projects I am using Hessian fabric to bring out my Cross stitch pattern design. It is difficult to locate in the fabric shops, but once bought you find problems with the product making the cross stitching difficult.

The design is based on the Black hair texture and the use of the symbolic Afro comb.

Following my blogs to see how far I get with my Afro comb cross stitch pattern,..

Happy Paradise Stitching


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